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HIPE 3.0.1 available for download

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HIPE 3.0.1 available for download

Posted by Jinghua YUAN at May 21. 2010

Dear Herschel colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that a new version of the Herschel DP software (HIPE 3.0.1) is available for download at:

As already announced in our previous Herschel e-News (#9), some of the changes implemented in this new version of HIPE affect the way data pools are accessed by the software, with important implications that you need to be aware of.

1. You will need to use HIPE 3.0.1 to access any Herschel data  processed with this, or any higher, version of the software.

2. If, using the new HIPE version, you want to access your old data pools processed with an earlier version, then the pools must first be migrated to the new format. This is  done by the software, automatically, the first time you run HIPE 3.0.1  HIPE will show you the list of pools in your system and will ask you to select the ones you want to update for use with HIPE 3.0.1. This process can last from minutes to several hours depending upon the size of your pools.

3. In case you want to continue using your current pools with HIPE 2.x, you are advised to back them up to a separate location before running HIPE 3.0.1, or to unselect     them in the HIPE 3.0.1 pool-updating pop-up dialog.

Please, let us know through the helpdesk if you have any doubts or questions about the upgrade and, as usual, if you have any problems during the downloading/installation process, and we will try to help you.

 Kind regards,
 The Herschel Science Centre Helpdesk

Re: HIPE 3.0.1 available for download

Posted by Maohai Huang at June 08. 2010

The latest release is here (3.0.2). Version 4.0 should be released in a few weeks and is supposed to be faster than 3.0.

Anyone seriously wants to use HIPE is recommended to install the developer's build :

Some of its features are:

  • Small memory footprint during execution of the installation (Java
    heap space <32MB);
  • Only downloads the things that you do not already have;
  • Only installs reference platform features dedicated to you operating
    system and hardware architecture;
  • Out of the box installation: It does not need any environment
    variables pre-configured;
  • Allows multiple versions of a project to co-exist on your system;
  • Provides simple means to use the downloaded libraries within your
    Eclipse IDE.
  • Automatic updating of the installer itself, whenever a new version
    of the installer becomes available.

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