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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

Conversation Forum Posted
Herschel to be refilled with Helium Herschel科学
by Jinghua YUAN
April 01. 2011
赫歇尔首批科学成果展示会内容本地下载 Herschel科学
by Maohai Huang
May 24. 2010
Baby stars in the Rosette cloud Herschel科学
by Jinzeng Li
May 12. 2010
by Jinghua YUAN
May 06. 2010
Accepted GT Key Programmes Herschel科学
by Jinzeng Li
October 20. 2008
The Herschel Hi-Gal team is nearly in SHAPE Herschel科学
by Jinzeng Li
September 29. 2007
Proposal Workshop for Herschel, May21-23, 2007 Herschel科学
by Jinzeng Li
August 11. 2007
Have no time to goto the ESAC workshop? Herschel科学
by Jinzeng Li
August 23. 2007
Useful links related to the HERSCHEL project Herschel科学
by Jinzeng Li
July 24. 2007

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