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观测提案 本论坛讨论Herschel观测提案的准备、编写、提交等方面的问题、经验、建议。 25
by Maohai Huang
December 10. 2010
Herschel科学 本论坛讨论与Herschel有关的科学问题 15
by Maohai Huang
May 24. 2010
观测设备 Discuss other space-based or ground-based infrared/submillimeter instruments. 1
by Jinzeng Li
August 09. 2009
数据处理 Herschel science data processing issues 8
by Maohai Huang
September 18. 2012


Forum name Conversations Most recent comment
网站和论坛管理 技术和投诉有关事宜请贴在这 1
by 李晶晶
October 17. 2007
Event and Announcement Things that could concern all people. 33
by Maohai Huang
February 16. 2011
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